The History of Good Manufacturing Practice

This course is intended to provide a comprehensive look at the History of Good Manufacturing Practice in the United States in three separate time periods: 1902–1938, 1938–1969, and 1969 to today.

This course will provide a comprehensive look at the History of GMP from 1902 to today. The course answers questions like who are Harvey Wiley and Estes Kefauver and what role they played in the History of GMP and what the FD&C Act of 1938 is. The course traces the regulation of Good Manufacturing Practices for the products we use everyday like; finished pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and the food we eat. If none of this rings a bell, you should definitely take this course.


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Course Description:

Training Modules: 7
Total Training Time: 1 Hour
Total Frames: 74
Total Checks-On-Learning: 0

Testing: Two Attempts. (If the exam is failed, the learner will return to the lesson for an Independent Review. After a failure on the second attempt, there will be no further examination. The certificate of completion will not be issued.)
Duration: No Time Limit
Number Examination Questions: 20 (Each Question Randomly Selected)
Type: Multiple Choice (Answers Are Randomly Arranged)

Certificate of Completion: One Certificate will be issued for each login ID, IF the examination is passed.

Training Module One - Admin and Introduction Module

8 Frames
5 minutes

Training Module Two - Early History 1902-1938

27 frames
20 minutes
No Checks on Learning

Training Module Three - Middle History 1938-1969

16 frames
15 minutes
No Checks on Learning

Training Module Four - Late History 1969-Present 

22 frames
20 minutes
No Checks on Learning

Training Module Five - Course Summary

Contains a summary of the training received during the course.
1 frame
5 minutes
No Checks on Learning

Training Module Six - Testing Module

Contains the examination module for the course.

Training Module Seven - Certificate Module

Contains the instructions and the method to print your Certificate of Completion.

Price: $40.00